Paul Giles
TA, NLP, Therapist, Life & Business Success Coach

Paul Giles is a world wide recognised professional personal and business coach, qualified counsellor and active voice in the fight for human rights. Not satisfied with simply going with the flow in life Paul has carved out a dynamic lifestyle which focuses around helping individuals and organisations reach their true potential and overcome personal and professional obstacles.

Professional Experience
In a professional role Paul has worked for Government, Charities, Businesses and Private Clients helping them achieve excellence and goal achievement through analyses, strategy planning and implementation, psychology and motivation. Part of Paul’s success is based on his absolute confidentiality for his clients, and that’s why he has worked for some of the leading brand businesses and high profile private clients in the UK.

Therapeutic Skills
Although Paul does not practice actual therapy, as he prefers a more NLP and personal based coaching system, Paul is a qualified counsellor and is skilled in the below therapeutic models and practices:

Rogerian, Transactional Analysis, Psychosynthesis, Gestalt and NLP

Dorset Life Coach
Although based in Dorset Paul travels throughout the UK and worldwide to work on a one-to-one basis with individuals and organisations, his latest coaching took him to Delhi, India were Paul worked closely with a Global IT business to help further their goals of market success.

Most of the courses run by Paul are located the Bay Tree Therapy Centre in Christchurch Dorset.

The only things you will lose by seeing Paul is life dissatisfaction, personal fear and lack of success!