Why Goals Are Important

Human beings and all life require goal motivation to evolve…

Goal setting and achievement are a fundamental part of evolution and personal wellbeing. Individuals and societies are motivated towards to goal achievement of one kind or another and without goals there would be no motivation and evolution could not work. From cellular goal achievement to personal ambition goal achievement the formulae is the same – move from one place in life to another, evolve and develop.

A past study by David Mclelland called Content Theory of Motivation showed why human beings and societies need motivation based upon goals.

Goals Help us Achieve Personal Wellbeing
There are tow types of personal goals:

a) Goal Integrity (Meaning)
b) Goal Efficacy (Happiness)

Its easy to understand how setting and achieving goals as well as getting the right kind of support effects the individual from a personal self worth perspective and the personal self confidence aspect. Both of these help induce personal well being and happiness.

If our goals are sound in the planning and the achievement of the goals is realistic given personal effort and development then actual achievement will result in self worth (self esteem).

We are all born with a range of natural goals / needs which we look to fulfill such as personal security, relationships, food and shelter. After this our goals become more individual based on who we are, (our society, our careers, our teachers, our experiences etc). Some might want to make the football team, some may want to become self employed whilst other may want to become enlightened. Goals drive us, they help us to progress in life and develop as individuals.

Everybody Has Goals
Every day we set goals whether its to go to work, stop off and do some shopping, meet that person for lunch and so on, so goal setting and achieving is something we all do every day without really planning or thinking about it. Being alive means we have goals, some are given to us by society and others and some are given to ourselves. The trick with personal goals (self development, education, and career) is to get manually involved in the goals we set and the effort we put into achieving them.

The true art of goal setting is to choose ones that will have the maximum impact on what we want out of life.

Watch a video about the difference between goals and objectives… 

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