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Learn how to set short term and life time goals…

The best way to look at goal setting is to think really big and look at what your life time goals would be. Make a list of life time goals you would like to achieve in all areas of your life. This is a called a ‘Life Goal Map’, a life goal map will cover your whole life and will help provide you with a plan of action as well as course of action at certain time in your life to keep you on track to achieving your life time goals.

Life Goal Map
Your life goal map should include all the various aspects of your life like:

Personal Development

Once you have listed the important areas of your life you want to look at its time to think about life time goals in each one. Keep a realistic attitude when thinking about your goals but also make sure you’re stretching yourself and aiming high. Ask your self the following questions:

Where would I like to eventually live?
What would I like my finances to be like?
What kind of family situation would I like?
What physical shape would I like to be in?
What would I like to be working as?

Keep asking these types of questions to help you get a picture of where you would eventually like to be in relations to all aspects of your life. Once you have done this you have your life time goals!

Setting Stage Goals
Stage goals are goals we set on the way to help us attain our ultimate life goals, they are like mid-steps we take that draw us closer to life time goal achievement. Stage goals are crucial to any long term goal achievement as they help determine the course of actions we need to take within our life to achieve our end goals. Usually stage goals deal with Life Time Goal, 10 Year Goal, 5 Year Goals and 1 Year Goals.

Example of Stage Goal Setting:

- Life Time Goal
Career – “To be head teacher at a school”
—— 10 Year Goal
Career – “Become the deputy head teacher”
————-5 Year Goal
Career – “Take the head Teacher Training Course”
——————–1 Year Goal
Career – “Secure employment as a teacher”

The above example shows the steps we need to take in order to attain our life time goal as well as gives us a precise timeline to achieve the necessary stages we need to reach. If we then perform this example with all our life time goals we will have a clear goal map of where we want to go and how we can achieve this over time.

Watch a video of Zig Ziglar talking about setting and achieving goals…

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