Confidence Vs EGO

Learn the difference between the EGO and self confidence…

When trying to develop on your self confidence its important you don’t get confused between EGO and confidence. One attracts and the other repels, one sustains and while the other fails. We have all met somebody who is very egotistical and self involved. Theirs is a narcissistic false confidence built upon an external presentation of themselves which does not match their inner truth.

The False EGO
The EGO is an illusion of self, it’s a presentation to the world about the SELF but it is not the SELF. A distorted EGO is a manipulation of the truth of the person inside intended to deceive the outside world as to the real nature and state of the inner self of the actual person.

Usually people with overlarge EGO’s are usually hiding a low sense of real self worth, it’s their way of dealing with the way they feel inside and the way of the world I their eyes. It offers a self perceived protection and armour against the fear of rejection and failure as a human being and its rooted firmly in fear and pride.

Someone with an overlarge EGO will be consciously or unconsciously always on the look out for self-glorification through recognition, relationships, money, property and prestige. The only things the enlarged EGO can use to bolster itself are external objects – the more it gets, the better they are the bigger the person feels.

Problems of False EGO
The problem with an overlarge EGO is that when it looses its object relationships such as becoming bankrupt or being divorced the false EGO crumbles and leaves an emptiness in the place of self worth. It also repels people; most people intuitively know when they are confronted by the false and genuine people will be repelled by this form of personal dishonesty and blatant self glorification (no one like a big head).

True Self Confidence
True self confidence however is neither cocky nor afraid; a well grounded confidence is feeling assured in ones own capabilities – where they start and where they finish. Neither arrogant nor a door mat a person with natural self confidence will attract people and circumstance to them. A person can naturally feel self confidence or can learn to develop self confidence over time.

Not based on the amount of attachments and material possessions true self confidence comes from within, it emanates from the heart of the person and will radiate out towards others and world.

Watch a video of Deepak Chopra talking about the EGO…

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