Learn How To Build Self Confidence Quickly

Easy steps and quick ways to increase your confidence…

If you would like to build on the self confidence you have then there are some very definite steps you can take to help you. The below actions have been used for years and really do work when consistent effort is put into applying each one.

Okay, lets get to it, here is the answer you have been looking for, how to feel good about yourself and your abilities. Self confidence will improve with work so don’t worry if you currently feel insecure and nervous about who you are and what you can do. These easy steps will help develop your confidence over time.

9 Potent Confidence Building Steps

Step 1. Get A Grip of Your Fears
The first part of or your self confidence building program should b to analyse what your current fears and anxieties are? Where they come from? How they manifest in your life? What they prevent you fro doing?

Step 2. Act As If
From now on, whether you feel confident or not you will now act as if you did not have those fears. Act the opposite of them every time you are faced with them. In time you will not feel afraid and self confidence will have replaced the fear.

Step 3. Communicate The New You
let your family and close friends know about the new decision you have made to face your fears and start acting confident, let them know how this feels to you and any difficulties you face.

Step 4. Self Confidence Plan
Write down all the areas you would like to feel confident in – then write down how you feel when you imagine yourself in those areas feeling supremely confident. Create a self confidence map and timeline by adding times and dates for you to achieve something you’re afraid or nervous of. Tick off on the confident map when you have done them.

Step 5. Daily Gratitude List
Every night write a fresh new list of everything you have got to be grateful for, include as much as possible from arms, legs, eyes, clothes, food, bed, friends and so on. Once you have done your gratitude list read over it and count your blessing, each morning read your list that you wrote down the night before.

Step 6. Positive Self Talk
Start straight away telling yourself good things about you; congratulate yourself when you do something well or good. Lavish yourself with regular compliments about who you are and never ever berate or talk low of yourself, ether to others or to yourself. Self berating gives the mind messages that your not ok, we need to start changing this right away and start the mind and brain you are a beautiful, dynamic, creative and intelligent human being.

Step 7. Learn To Love Mistakes
Sounds a bit strange but it’s a personal quality of everybody who displays a great self confidence. Mistakes are made by every single person alive, ministers, presidents, kings and queens, bosses, teachers, school principles; literally everybody makes mistakes and what’s more every body makes mistakes regularly. That is how we grown and learn, by our mistakes. So be gentle with yourself when you make a mistake, look at it and learn from it, welcome the opportunity to learn.

Step 8. Start Contributing
Start looking for little ways to contribute to any situation you are in, the school class, the work place, at home or with friends. Always look to see what you can give to any situation. By contributing and giving something you will receive a boost of self esteem which all starts to add up. Watch you don’t over commit though, give generously but don’t sell yourself out so you have nothing left for you.

Step 9. Look Good
Start to put effort into you by taking care of the way you look, use the best clothes you have, dress to kill, walk tall and proud (even if you don’t feel it), compliment other people on their looks and abilities, start exercising and eating well

Practice, Practice, Practice…

The above are simple but extremely potent steps to enhance and build self confidence. If you apply these to your life every day in no time at all you will start to feel more confident and more empowered.

Watch a video teaching self confidence… 

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