What Is Self Confidence?

Self confidence building tips and methods that increase self esteem…

If you suffer from low self confidence, (and I use the word suffer because it can be debilitating), there are a lot of things you can do which will help increase your self confidence. Firstly we need to understand what self confidence actually is.

What is Self Confidence?

Self-Confidence is feeling assured of your own abilities and capabilities, a sense of self assuredness.

If you have great self confidence you will genuinely project an attractive aura that will attract people and circumstance to you, you will manage life situations with a degree of poise and certainty in being able to handle what life throws at you. people with great self confidence usually achieve well in all areas of life, work, relationships and personal security. “Glass suggests that confidence has to do with one’s inner perception of his or her ability to fulfill a particular job or role in society…” Forbes.

The Secondary Appraisal Theory
many psychologist and therapists believe that self confidence and therefore self-belief is based on a secondary appraisal theory. I.E. The first appraisal is of the situation (a date, a job etc) and the second appraisal is based on our emotional and mental reaction to this (fear, excitement, and assuredness). This theory presumes then that self-belief is triggered by a first incident of a first appraisal. I personally do not subscribe to this way of thinking.

Self confidence and self-belief are fed by our Core Beliefs  about ourselves which have been developed over time and consist of direct situation experiences, carer influence and societal messages. These core beliefs dictate how we actually perceive the world, situations and our abilities and capabilities. All humans are born equal, when they come into the world there brains are clear of everything (discrimination, rejection, upper class / lower class etc) so its only through experience and the immediate and related society around us that creates our belief systems, our mental attitudes and perceptions.

Core Beliefs Create Emotional And Mental Reactions
Core beliefs are at the very centre of who we are and how we act I this world, they determine our perceptions and create our emotional reactions. If we believe we are inferior and are no good then when we are confronted with anything that requires some capability and ability we will like feel fear which will then create anguish, this in turn will either lead us to flee or fail. Our core beliefs are the puppet masters and we are the puppets to paint a simple picture. More information on Core Beliefs here

Video about core beliefs and where they come from…

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