Learn the Formulae of True Success

The 5 golden attributes that guarantee anyone success…

There are five golden attributes that guarantee success at absolutely anything, these five precious power drivers will, when put together, deliver unlimited success to any individual that possesses them and puts them to use. These attributes have delivered global success in the £billions for lots of individuals, some individuals have changed the entire world using them and some have generated great happiness and success. If you are looking to get ahead in life, and I mean really get ahead, then you need to discover, understand and demonstrate these five attributes: Continue reading “Learn the Formulae of True Success” »

Why Goals Are Important

Human beings and all life require goal motivation to evolve…

Goal setting and achievement are a fundamental part of evolution and personal wellbeing. Individuals and societies are motivated towards to goal achievement of one kind or another and without goals there would be no motivation and evolution could not work. From cellular goal achievement to personal ambition goal achievement the formulae is the same – move from one place in life to another, evolve and develop. Continue reading “Why Goals Are Important” »

Goal Setting – Advice and Tips

Learn how to set short term and life time goals…

The best way to look at goal setting is to think really big and look at what your life time goals would be. Make a list of life time goals you would like to achieve in all areas of your life. This is a called a ‘Life Goal Map’, a life goal map will cover your whole life and will help provide you with a plan of action as well as course of action at certain time in your life to keep you on track to achieving your life time goals.

Continue reading “Goal Setting – Advice and Tips” »

Confidence Vs EGO

Learn the difference between the EGO and self confidence…

When trying to develop on your self confidence its important you don’t get confused between EGO and confidence. One attracts and the other repels, one sustains and while the other fails. We have all met somebody who is very egotistical and self involved. Theirs is a narcissistic false confidence built upon an external presentation of themselves which does not match their inner truth. Continue reading “Confidence Vs EGO” »

Learn How To Build Self Confidence Quickly

Easy steps and quick ways to increase your confidence…

If you would like to build on the self confidence you have then there are some very definite steps you can take to help you. The below actions have been used for years and really do work when consistent effort is put into applying each one.

Okay, lets get to it, here is the answer you have been looking for, how to feel good about yourself and your abilities. Self confidence will improve with work so don’t worry if you currently feel insecure and nervous about who you are and what you can do. These easy steps will help develop your confidence over time. Continue reading “Learn How To Build Self Confidence Quickly” »

What Is Self Confidence?

Self confidence building tips and methods that increase self esteem…

If you suffer from low self confidence, (and I use the word suffer because it can be debilitating), there are a lot of things you can do which will help increase your self confidence. Firstly we need to understand what self confidence actually is. Continue reading “What Is Self Confidence?” »