Life Coach Client Analyses Questionnaire

The below questions can be used for any situation, circumstance or understanding and are focused upon helping the client who is receiving coaching to challenge their perceptions and lifestyle and get a clearer picture of what they want, how they can get it, what’s standing in their way and what action they need to take.

Life Coach Analysis Questions

1. What do you really want?
2. How would you like it to be?
3. What’s blocking you?
4. What do you feel grateful for?
5. Is anybody grateful for you?
6. Does this goal or ambition empower or dis-empower you?
7. If you get it what will it mean to you?
8. Do you want this for its own sake or are you trying to avoid something else?
9. Is this giving you energy or draining your energy?
10. Is this be a limitation or is it a strength?
11. What’s the benefit of this problem to you?
12. What is your intuition telling you about this?
13. Do you have a gut feeling, if so what is it?
14. How honest have you been with others about this?
15. What’s holding you back?
16. What is it costing you to continue holding back?
17. How can you turn this around and have better results next time?
18. Is this goal pulling you or are you struggling to reach it?
19. What’s stopping you from taking action?
20. Which is more prevalent; faith or fear?
21. If you weren’t scared, what would you do?
22. Are you procrastinating or is there a reason to delay?
23. Is this about lasting fulfillment or temporary pleasure?
24. What strength would be ideal for this situation?
25. How can get this so it becomes your strength?
26. Can you put more action in?
27. Are you approaching this from your head or from your heart?
28. Why does it matter?
29. How would you like to be around this?
30. Is this the problem or the solution?
31. What new habits will you put in place to strengthen your new mindset?
32. What is the most meaningful action you could take now?
33. What new skills or support systems will ensure your success?
34. What did you learn in the process?
35. How have you changed the world for generations to come?

Executive Coach Questions

1. What is at the heart of this?
2. What is the greatest potential for this idea?
3. What are the barriers?
4. What is the boldest thing you can do?
5. In what ways can you call on your strengths in this situation?
6. What is the leadership you need to provide?
7. What is most important to the organization?
8. How does this mesh with your values?
9. How does this mesh with the mission of the organization?
10. What truly concerns you the most about this organization?
11. What is the most effective way to motivate this person?
12. If you put yourself in his/her shoes, what would you be thinking?
13. If you were thinking “out of the box” on this one, what would you be thinking?
14. What is the best strategy around that?
15. What do you need to commit to do?
16. Could this play to your strength?
17. Who should be accountable?
18. If you were your own best critic, what would you say about that idea?
19. What should your company do differently or better to accomplish that goal?
20. If your ego is not in play, what would be the best course of action?

Business Coach Questions

1. What is the gift that you have that you feel great about orienting your life around?
2. What motivates you?
3. What is currently working or going well in your business at this time?
4. What is not working?
5. What are the 5 business opportunities that you are currently not making the most/anything of?
6. How much profit should your business be making?
7. What do you expect to achieve in the current year given the plans and strategies you have in place?
8. What breakthrough results are you committed to producing?
9. What challenges and obstacles are facing your business?
10. What are the priority areas where your business could benefit most from coaching?

Career Coach Questions

1. What are you naturally good at?
2. What is your calling?
3. What brings out your best?
4. Do you believe in yourself?
5. What motivates you?
6. What is success in your eyes?
7. Do you like working with people or things?
8. Do you see yourself as a leader?
9. What would your friends say about you?
10. If you could have your dream job today what would it be and where would you live?
11. Where are you at with your career path?
12. Are you willing to put forth the effort to make that career dream come true?
13. Who do you need to search out to make your dreams a reality?
14. What can you do in the next 24 hours to have an impact on career success?
15. Where do you see yourself in one year?
16. What do you think is your true calling?
17. Has anyone ever told you that you would be good at something? If so, what was it?
18. What are you passionate about?
19. Who could you talk with who has already reached your goal? Ask them how they did it.
20. What would you like to take away from this session?
21. Why did you leave your last job?
22. What career issues are on your mind today?
23. What career decisions do you have to face now?
24. What are your plans for future career growth?
25. What careers are best suited to your skills and abilities?
26. What are you afraid of?
27. What are your barriers for career success?
28. Are you willing to work hard?
29. What are you not willing to explore?
30. What would you do if you knew you wouldn’t fail?

Health Coach Questions

1. What do you want to achieve related to your health?
2. What will achieving this goal do for you?
3. How will you know when you have reached it?
4. How will others know when you have reached it?
5. What stops you from having reached it already?
6. How will your desired outcome affect other areas of your life, health and wellness?
7. What additional resources do you need in order to achieve this goal?
8. How are you going to get there?

Wellness Coach Questions

1. What do you want to achieve related to your overall wellness?
2. What would help you do that?
3. What do you need to do to achieve this goal?
4. Is there anything blocking you?
5. How can you make sure you follow through?

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