How To Treat Addiction & Substance Misuse

The first thing to understand when it comes to treating somebody with an addiction, dependency or substance misuse issues is to ascertain where in the addiction line they are. There are three stages in the addiction line:

Early Dependencies
Heavy Substance Misuse
Full Blown Active Addiction

Treating Early Dependencies
If you or somebody you know has experienced a difficult time in their lives and is demonstrating a dependency of a substance like alcohol and drugs or are displaying dependant behaviour related to something other than substances like shopping, gambling or sex there are various avenues of promising help available that will give them the support and counselling they need to face their painful feelings and therefore free themselves from the beginning of an addiction.

Helpful Organisations for Early Dependencies:
Your Own GP
Alcoholism Counselling
NHS Dependency Advice
Confidential Dependency Counsellors

Treatment Heavy Substance Misuse
If you or someone you know is displaying signs of substance misuse and you are worried about your own or their health then the following organizations can help. People can become substance misuse through lots of reasons such as substance ignorance, physical addiction and social setting. If your problem or the problem of the person you care for is simply substance misuse there is a strong possibility that they can, through understanding and awareness, develop new ways of living and change their destructive using patterns.

Helpful Organizations for Substance Misuse:
Vulnerable People Substance Misuse Help
Drug Misuse Counsellors

Treatment For Full Blown Addiction / Alcoholism
If you suffer or someone you know suffers from full blown addiction whether to alcohol, drugs or a behavior then the treatment for this type of addiction is thin on the ground within the medical community. There are lots of organisations about that offer help to people with full blown addictions such as alcoholism but they are ineffective and usually the person will relapse back into their addiction after a short period of abstinence.

If a person has allowed the dependency to progress over time into full blown addiction then the disease has permeated all areas of their life, their mental faculty, their souls and their physical being. Treatment and detoxes are always recommended as an initial stopper for their addictions but if they do not receive permanent ongoing help 99% relapse into active addiction.

In my experience the only real help, with a proven track record, for people suffering from this type of addiction are the phenomenally successful 12 Step organisations related their particular addictions such as:

AA - Alcoholics Anonymous
CA - Cocaine Anonymous
CLA - Clutterers Anonymous
CMA - Crystal Meth Anonymous
CoDA - Co-Dependents Anonymous
DA - Debtors Anonymous
FA - Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous
FAA - Food Addicts Anonymous
GA - Gamblers Anonymous
HA - Heroin Anonymous
MA - Marijuana Anonymous
NA - Narcotics Anonymous
NicA - Nicotine Anonymous
OA - Overeaters Anonymous
OLGA - Online Gamers Anonymous
PA - Pills Anonymous, for recovery from prescription pill addiction.
SA - Sexaholics Anonymous
SA - Smokers Anonymous
SAA - Sex Addicts Anonymous
SCA - Sexual Compulsives Anonymous
SLAA - Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous
Spenders Anonymous
WA - Workaholics Anonymous

Need Confidential Help With An Addiction?

If you are suffering with an addiction, dependency or are involved in substance misuse I may be able to help. I have in-depth knowledge regarding addiction and substance misuse and can either provide addiction based counselling and therapy, or at the very least refer you to the appropriate organisation for help.