Develop High Self Esteem Through Action

Your Self Esteem Can Change
Self esteem is that elusive sense we have of ourselves that mainly comes from our core beliefs about who we are. These core beliefs about who we are developed over our lives through circumstances, childhood and life impacts such as illness, loss or trauma. Being abused as a child may lead to a low self esteem or being made redundant could impact on the core belief about who you are and your worth and affect your self esteem.

Core Beliefs & Self Esteem
Your core beliefs (click here to view Core Beliefs diagram) that make up your self esteem are your most important tools for life; they will determine how you react to life, react to love, react to success and lots more. These core beliefs will determine how you percieve yourself and the world as well as play a large part in determining how you actually live life - whether it be a life of hardship or one of happiness filled with confidence.

Its Easy To Build Self Esteem Through Positive Action
We know that 'core beliefs' play the major part in self esteem (click here to view components of self esteem) - which determines the way we feel about ourselves and how we view the world around us. To build a positive esteem we simply need to put in some action-based effort on our part to alter those core beliefs which determine our self esteem...AND OUR CORE BELIEFS CAN BE ALTERED!

The main aspect of altering your core beliefs for more positive ones or ones that work for you better is to understand that the power to change them actually lies in you.

7 Steps To Build Positive Self Esteem

Step 1
Identify Core Beliefs

Step 2

Step 3
Act As If

Step 4
Marshall Your Thinking

Step 5
Helping Others

Step 6
Positive and Empowering Material

Step 7
Fire Yourself Up

Need Help Developing High Self Esteem?

The above information offers some very basic tips to enhance low self esteem and enable growth in this crucial area. If you suffer from low self esteem and would like greatly improve this so you feel sure of yourself, sure of your future and feel supremely confident I can help. My high self esteem one-to-one therapy results in much improved sense of self through analyses, understanding and personalised action plans that you can start on straight away.