Addiction, Substance Misuse and Dependencies

Addictions, dependencies and substance misuse have been around since the world began, today there are lots of avenues for help for those who suffer from addictive or dependant personalities, the World Health Authority has a whole section dedicated to addictions, however in the olden days people who demonstrated this devastating handicap of self destructive behavior whether to an actual substance or person, place or thing were usually locked up in insane asylums or prisons.

Addiction Is A Disease of Society
Although addiction and negative dependencies arise in certain individuals, the disease itself (I call it a disease and ill explain later on why) is one of society. This dis-ease of self often described by addicts and alcoholics themselves as a 'hole in the soul', a 'deep emptiness within' a part of themselves that 'craves filling' is the result of the lack of moral fire and spiritual barrenness of SOCIETY and not the individual. The individual needs to treat it but the disease itself has been created, nurtured and fed by society at large.

When societies main focus is on materialistic gain and materialistic pleasures, (which it has been since the beginning of civilisation), the gorging on self fulfilment depletes the soul, and the actions of this perverse self-fulfilment creates a world of have and have’s not. When the main focus of society is based on this immoral way of being it creates dissatisfaction, discontentment and dis-ease within nations, communities, families and individuals. Character building and spiritual principles are lost in societies chase for self gratification and self glorification and the symptoms of this wrong living is a soul-sickness that permeates all aspects of our lives. As a society we become lost and spiritually barren producing confusion and dissatisfaction rather than harmony and joy.

The Gene String Theory
The International Biosciences states that "The overall consensus is that although genes may make you more likely to be, for example, an addictive personality, they don't determine your personality. Environment and upbringing are considered to be the triggers that shape your personality."

I concur with this theory and whilst there is a lot of evidence to say that the gene pool can affect an individuals sway towards such things like dependencies and addiction, the moral fibre and spiritual standing of the individuals surroundings, of the society the individual is brought into and their close carers are the directive force that will push an individual into an addictive or dependant lifestyle.

The Spiritual Angle
Facts have shown that a 'spiritual intervention' with people suffering from an addiction or dependency often results in a person breaking free from their uncontrollable self destructive behaviour. In fact the scientific and medical facts show that the likes of Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Co-Dependents Anonymous, Gamblers Anonymous...and so on, have all succeeded - releasing people from their addictions - when ALL other avenues of psychology, medicine and science have failed. WHY? Why is it that a spiritual solution has more effect on addictions and dependencies where all other avenues fail?

After several years of research into the effects of addictions, their categorised progressions, symptoms and end results, (loneliness, despair, jails, institutions and sometimes death), I have discovered that the actual disease of addiction is a far more disturbing illness than it appears at first glance. Addiction permeates all dimensions of a human being; the soul, the mental faculty and the physical body, which makes addiction a very powerful disease, and explains why it is not treatable by traditional medical and psychological treatment as most of these do not deal with the soul.

Carl Jung - The Only Solution For Addiction
I personally have read lots of literature from leading authorities and figures in the medical and psychology fields. One of the most respected psychologists and psychiatrists is Carl Gustav Jung, Jung was in my opinion way ahead of his time when it came to understanding the human psyche. He was a world wide respected leader in the field of psychiatry and his advice and guidance has been sought by professionals, world leaders and famous people.

Carl Jung declared that, even with all his skills, understanding and methods - that when faced with a real alcoholic or drug addict he was powerless to help, and that only a spiritual intervention could release a person from addiction’s steely grasp. To watch Carl Jung's video which explains what an alcoholic or addicts only hope for freedom is click here... (YouTube)

Need Confidential Help With An Addiction?

If you are suffering with an addiction, dependency or are involved in substance misuse I may be able to help. I have in-depth knowledge regarding addiction and substance misuse and can either provide addiction based counselling and therapy, or at the very least refer you to the appropriate organisation for help.